“Man only becomes man by education” Kant reportedly told his students. I hope that’s true for I intend to spend a good part of the rest of my life educating myself and others.

I seek to provide my students with a space wherein they are viewed as mature, equal, reasoners. I seek to foster serious but relaxed atmosphere: serious in that I expect my students to be prepared and pay attention and never ridicule or take lightly the reasons offered sincerely by other students; relaxed in that they should feel that they are simply taking part of an interesting conversation about some hard question and that they can freely make up and speak their mind.

I teach a variety of courses in ethics and political philosophy, including:

  • Distributive JusticeBook parachute
  • Rational Choice & Political Theory
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Bio & Medical Ethics
  • Ethics and Civic Life
  • Introduction to Ethics


If you’re interested in details about my teaching – course I’ve taught, teaching evals, my teaching philosophy, and so on – you can take a look at my teaching portfolio.

Suffolk University PPE class with Professor Jeppe Von Platz.

Suffolk University PPE class with Professor Jeppe Von Platz.